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Boys State Newspaper Day Two Tasks

Want to be involved with the newspaper here? Here’s a glimpse of what you can be doing!


newspaper blogBoys State Options for Newspaper! (interview by Max Hagerott; 0934)

  • News Director- Current News Director; Andrew Ahn; 1098.

MH: “So what is it that the news director takes care of here at the Boys State news team?”

AA: “[ The news director on the establishment of the news team takes care of putting rules in place, setting a budget for columnists, helps manage what articles and topics are posted each day, and in general makes everything of the newspaper come together in an orderly fashion.]”


  • Office Manager – Current Office Manager; Matthew L. Sweeney Jr, 1041.

MH: “What’s an office manager? What does this job entail?”

MSJr: “The main role of the Office Manager; for my job currently; is to mainly report on the weekly menu, and the weather for the week. Although, I may report on sports happening within the week, certain speakers, and any other topics I wish to report on if desired.”

  • Reporter- A current reporter; Hunter Radesi; 515

MH: “Although many understand the role of the reporters within a newspaper, and news coverage teams, what do you like to report on?”

HR: “[My personal preference of reporting is to give statements and reports on the status of the Nationalist (political party here at Boys State 2016) caucuses. I do this by sitting in and listening, taking notes, and watching who’s elected into certain offices.]”

  • Cartoonist-Current Cartoonist; Joseph Ortiz; 475

MH: “Well, now many do have a familiar understanding of the tasks put upon a cartoonist, you know the funnies and comics in the newspaper to brighten our days, but what do you draw and enjoy making cartoons and out of?”

JO:”I would like to keep my response short and sweet, mostly I draw the things and funny things that happen on campus…whether it is interactions with the citizens with the Marines, or just genuinely funny jokes that have been said, speeches that have been given, or speeches given by citizens running for county or city offices.”


In closing,

Whether you’re interested in what your child has been reporting on at Boys State here for “The Statesman” or just curious about what you might be involved in here next year if interested in Boys State. There are many, many options to fill here for the news team. Hope you find your spot here next year!


Written by: Max Hagerott; 0934; City: Governor, County: Spafford.


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