For information about applying to attend American Legion Boys’ State, contact your local American Legion Post, and check out the information and procedures on the American Legion Department of New York website.

For other information, contact:

Executive Director David Cariddo

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  1. The Monday June 27th issue 2016 of the Statesman on the website seems to have been uploaded wrong. It is the Saturday June 27th, 2015 issue.


    • No ma’am, the yearbook will be up in 2-3 weeks on the website be sure to check back for it then!


  2. I am searching for 1966 Boy’ State –I attended via LaBuff Cole Post 911 in Cato, NY—Cayuga County—thanks


  3. My son’s school put his name in for Boys states early April was wondering when they interview canadates we have not heard anything from the local legion yet.I think they submitted him to the Mattydale NY chapter.


    • Craig…sorry I didn’t see this sooner. HQ tells me they are working on it. They are just waiting for some paperwork. If there is room and a sponsor American Legion usually does everything they can to make sure an interested Boy or Girl is able to attend. I expect we’ll see your son in Morrisville in a couple weeks.


      • I think we are all set the Mattysale NY post got back to us and informed that our son Nathan was their candidate.We did submit the electronic application and sent a copy of it to Mr Kearsing.I think all we need to fill out is the health form if I’m not mistaken.
        Dr. Craig Osborne


  4. The schedule states tentative times. Can you confirm start and end time for final assembly on Friday and start time for the dinner? Thank you.


  5. I just found my old ID card from my Boys State I attended in Morrisville NY from June 26th thru July 2nd 1977 as well as old pictures and even some names of the men I attended with. I will never forget that week in the Summer heading into my Senior Year. I wonder if there is some old directory of past attendance there?

    Thank you


  6. Hello, I just visited this web site and it brought back good memories. The year was 1976.
    I was one of the Marines that were proud to be part of that years activities. My permanent duty station was in the Officer Selection Office (OSO) Buffalo, N.Y. Your archives do not reach back to those times but it sure is good to see that your still active. Back in ’76 my County Counselor was Mr. Ira Mackenzie Blatt.
    Semper Fi to all at Boy’s State!
    SSgt Leonard C. Faulkner.

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