2017 Groups

Website Developers:

(Top left to top right) – Grant Nawoichyk 0841, Dustin Clark 0280, Jacob Brower 0090
(Bottom left to bottom right) – Michael Doeberl 0648, Benedict DeMoras 0210

City Mayors:

(Top Row) Liam Kelly 508, John Klindig 534, Brian Court 418, John Vandersmay 140, Nick Rosica 232, Daniel Sause 297, Michael Averill 276, Johnathan Taps 216, Jason Aiello 788, Paul Distefano 820

(Bottom Row) William Jones 392, Ian Witmer 473, John Minogue 107, Ryan Vansplunder 29, Christopher Bowenbrooks 361, Jack Bishop 48, David Skinner 571, Keegan Skinner 722, James Caracciolo 669, Patrick Darmody 751

(Row 3) Johnathan Lester 954, Pacey Scott 1096, Jason Wheatley 154, Elijah Sones 1000, Andrew Frost 1046, Christian Laderer 965, Bradley Kinsman 913

State Troopers and Sheriffs:

State Sheriffs(In no particular order) – Allen Tonas 0038, Emmaus Nakagawa 0213, Nicholas Posso 0291, Liam McNeill 0430, Nick Cacioppo 0492, Hunter Congdon 0631, Ajani Bowie 0736, Joseph Carlson 0807, Kenneth Chiu 0945, Lucas Barbieri 1103

State Troopers(In no particular order) – Aidan Gould 0023, Noah Hockaday 0162, John Loughlin 0244, Michael Jones 0397, Thomas Pallas 0513, Austin Bennett 0605, Joshua Freitas 0685, Jonathan Ramkissoon 0863, Cameron Irland 0890, John Phelan 1003

Yearbook and Video:

There’s a yearbook and video team who have been diligently working on taking pictures for the Boys’ State Yearbook, and video footage to upload online at a later date. (Video right, Yearbook left)

The Statesman:

The news team here at Boys’ State spends their rec time at the headquarters writing articles about current events, recent assemblies, and even a cartoonist who will draw up art and comics for the daily paper.

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