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The Final Day – Where’s my Boy???

If you are planning to join the Citizens of American Legion Boy’s State of New York here at SUNY Morrisville on the last day of this year’s session on 2 July here are some things you should know. Every year the last days is exciting, and hectic and there is always a parent or two who get a little stressed about the chaos.

There are 900 Boy’s here at New York Boy’s State this year. They are broken down into 10 Counties and each county is broken down into 3 cities. So the first thing you need to know if you are going to try to find your Boy prior to the final assembly is what County and City he has been assigned to and what his Boy’s State number is. If you know what City your Boy is assigned to you will be able to locate the Dorm he is staying in. Here is the breakdown

  • Roosevelt – West Hall
  • McKneally – West Hall
  • Kogutek – Oneida Hall
  • Fish – South Hall
  • Stember – South Hall
  • Scheiberling – Commons 1
  • Wong – Onondaga Hall
  • Pedro – Cayuga Hall
  • Spafford – Mohawk Hall
  • Rohan – Mohawk Hall

Interesting fact – Each Boy’s State County is named after a past American Legion National Commander and the Cities are named after past Department Commanders. If you are lucky, on Parade day you may get to meet one or two of these fo


On Tuesday the Citizens will begin forming up for the final parade at 2:15. At 2:30 there will be a formal pass in review on the SUNY Morrisville Football field followed by a Flag ceremony conducted by the Marine’s

The final assembly will begin in the Recreation Hall at 3:30. All Citizens will attend the final assembly.

If you arrive earlier in the day there may be an opportunity to visit with your boy. If you need help finding your Boy you can stop in the Headquarters.

At the conclusion of the final assembly all Citizens will return to their dorms, where the may depart with a parent once they have been scanned out. All Boy’s must be accounted for, so please ensure your Boy is scanned out before departing campus. All Boy’s returning home by bus will be boarding buses at approximately 6:30.

If there is inclement weather the parade may be cancelled or moved into the Rec Center. Pay attention to our Facebook page for more information.

For those of you who can’t make the trip we hope to live stream the final assembly and possibly the parade check out our facebook page and youtube channel

2 thoughts on “The Final Day – Where’s my Boy???

    • You should have received an email prior to Boy’s State with that information. If you didn’t you can come to Boy’s State Headquarters in Crawford Hall at SUNY Morrisville on Tuesday. We can provide that information.


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