Roosevelt County:

  • County Counselor: Dave DowneyDowney

    • Jr. Counselor: Kevin LuongLuong

    • Harrington City: Joe GoonanGoonan

    • Minei City: Frank Gee   Gee

    • Bowen City: Tim WilliamsWilliams

McKneally County:

  • County Counselor: Larry MontelloMontello

    • Jr. Counselor: Nick LongoLongo

    • Love City: Walt ConstantiniConstantini

    • Brown City: Sean Hoodsean hood

    • Keiser City: Henry McMahonMc Mahon

  Kogutek County:

  • County Counselor: James BojanowskiBojanowski

    • Jr. Counselor: Kevin LuongLuong

    • Baker City: James CarlockCarlock

    • Kearsing City: P. Earle GleasonGleason

    • Ward City: Scott BowmanBowman

Fish County:

  • County Counselor: James Ramph Ramph

    • Jr. Counselor: Tucker OsarczukOsarczuk

    • Van Patten City: Carl RiceRice

    • Morrill City: Bob CaldwellCaldwell

    • Troiola City: Larry WatermanWaterman

Stember County:

  • County Counselor: James KasprzakKasperzak

    • Jr. Counselor: Tucker OsarczukOsarczuk

    • O’Keefe City: Jim YermasYermas

    • Giordano City: Raymond FreynFreyn

    • Sallese City: Donald SmithSmith

Scheiberling County:

  • County Counselor: Charles Burkardt   Sherwood

    • Jr. Counselor: Jacob CurryCurry

    • Mitras City: Fred SchwallyLejeune

    • Cortright City: David SherwoodBurkhardt

    • Miller City: Bob LejeuneSchwally

   Wong County:

  • County Counselor: Gary RobbinsDoc

    • Jr. Counselor: Nicholas MarroccoNicholas Marocco

    • Casey City: Jim HosfordHosford

    • Clark City: Anthony PelliccioPelliccio

    • Burnett City: Robert YostYost

Pedro County:

  • County Counselor: Walt Lindsley       Lindsley

    • Jr. Counselor: Jacob CurryCurry

    • Neville City: Mike DenglerDengler

    • Marino City: Al LaCombeLaCombe

    • Tipping City: Jim NesslerNessler

Spafford County:

  • County Counselor: Scott TothToth

    • Jr. Counselor: Allan SmithSmith

    • Bertrand City: Matt FlynnFlynn

    • Governor City: Phil SeybertSeybert

    • Coleman City: Charles NeddoNeddo

   Dellingeer County:

  • County Counselor: Jim Van WormerVanwomer

    • Jr. Counselor: Allan SmithSmith

    • McLaughlin City: Sean DonohueDonohue

    • Herschlag City: John DesautelsDesautels

    • Carpenter City: Ted MartineMartine

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