Boys’ State Attendee Schedule

This is the tentative schedule the Citizens of New York Boy’s State will be following during the week.

2017 Boys’ State Schedule:(PDF)

Boys’ State Speakers

Boys’ State features many guest speakers throughout the program.

For June 25 the guest speakers include:
Claudia Tenney – New York State Congress Woman
David E. Rogers – President of Morrisville State College

For June 26 the guest speakers include:
Anthony Brindisi – New York State Assemblyman
Scott McNamara – District Attorney

For June 27 the guest speakers include:
Colonel Kurt Wheeler – US Marine Corps and Former Boys’ State Attendee
Steve Jones – Lawyer from Morrisville

For June 28 the guest speakers include:
Brian Wyman
Ron Taylor, Former Boys’ State Attendee and Former Boys’ Nation Attendee
Fred Ashforth – Ashforth Associate

For June 29 the guest speakers include:
Colin Schmitt – Former Boys’ State Attendee and Former Boys’ Nation Attendee
Brandon Cea – Former Boys’ State Governor and Former Boys’ Nation Attendee
Mike Heibert – Former Boys’ State Attendee
John Ball – Madison County Under Sheriff
Lieutenant Paul Thompson – Oneida Police Department
Ashley Hennings – Mayor for the Village of Newport
Richard Flisnik – Oneida County Legislator

For June 30 the guest speakers include:
Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Saunders
Scott Toth – Retired US Army
Mike Drahos – Retired Morrisville-Eaton Superintendent of Schools
Jim McFadden – Former Fire Chief
John Wright – Former Fire Chief

10 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. Where doe parents go for the dinner on Friday. Are parents invited to the parade before the dinner. Thank you Matthew Martin


    • Parents are invited to the parade, which begins at 4:00 and is on the Football Field. There will be a nominal fee for the picnic and the location of it will be announced.


  2. The schedule posted above is for 2015. I am curious about the Friday night activities. My son said if parents come for the parade/picnic they can go home with them on Friday night. What time can they go home? Judging by the 2015 schedule it looks like it would be about 10:15pm.


    • Friday night the kids can leave after the final assembly which takes place at 7:30, routinely they are an hour, hour and a half. So, between that and going to the dorm where your son was staying, you may end up leaving the campus around 10:30. Hopefully this helped!
      -Digitaljournalist2016 Max H(0934)


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