Boys’ State Attendee Schedule

This is the tentative schedule the Citizens of New York Boy’s State will be following during the week.

2022 NY Boys State schedule

Boys’ State Speakers

Boys’ State features many guest speakers throughout the program.

Speakers 2022 – Coming soon!!

Speakers 2018

For Sunday, June 24:

Alysha Brooks, Morrisville College Conferencing Manager

For Monday, June 25:

Brian Wyman, Father of deceased Deputy Sheriff Kurt Wyman

For Tuesday, June 26:

Jordan Felicia, Boys’ State, Notre Dame University

Nelson Boyd, Boys’ State class of 2005, Bimco Bakery, Assist Program, Director

For Wednesday, June 27:

Mark Barnes, Boys’ State class of 1987, Attorney, Musician

James Caracciolo, Boys’ State of 2017

Kevin Montano, speaking WNYT TV to Newspaper crew.

For Thursday, June 28:

Kenneth Proulx, Boys’ State class of 1960, Retired Teacher, Beaver River, Boys’ State Office Manager

John Nichols, Class of 1987, Retired Teacher, E. Syr.

Michael Drahos, Superintendent of Schools

Kurt Wheeler, Mayor, Village of Cazenovia

Lt. John Little, City of Oneida Police Department

Robert Lenhart, Undersheriff, County of Madison

Jon Wright, Retired Fire Chief

Jim McFadden, Retired Fire Chief

Richard Flisnik, Oneida County Legislator

Judge McDermott, Judge, Madison County

Steve Jones, Attorney (Bar Exam) – Morrisville, NY

For Friday, June 29:

Lt. Colin Schmitt, Boys’ State, Class of 2008, Candidate NYS Assembly

Lt. Col. Glenn Carroll, Boys’ State, 1977, West Point, Retired

2017 Speakers

For June 25 the guest speakers include:
Claudia Tenney – New York State Congress Woman
David E. Rogers – President of Morrisville State College

For June 26 the guest speakers include:
Anthony Brindisi – New York State Assemblyman
Scott McNamara – District Attorney

For June 27 the guest speakers include:
Colonel Kurt Wheeler – US Marine Corps and Former Boys’ State Attendee
Steve Jones – Lawyer from Morrisville

For June 28 the guest speakers include:
Brian Wyman
Ron Taylor, Former Boys’ State Attendee and Former Boys’ Nation Attendee
Fred Ashforth – Ashforth Associate

For June 29 the guest speakers include:
Colin Schmitt – Former Boys’ State Attendee and Former Boys’ Nation Attendee
Brandon Cea – Former Boys’ State Governor and Former Boys’ Nation Attendee
Mike Heibert – Former Boys’ State Attendee
John Ball – Madison County Under Sheriff
Lieutenant Paul Thompson – Oneida Police Department
Ashley Hennings – Mayor for the Village of Newport
Richard Flisnik – Oneida County Legislator

For June 30 the guest speakers include:
Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Saunders
Scott Toth – Retired US Army
Mike Drahos – Retired Morrisville-Eaton Superintendent of Schools
Jim McFadden – Former Fire Chief
John Wright – Former Fire Chief

Past year’s Speakers

10 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. Where doe parents go for the dinner on Friday. Are parents invited to the parade before the dinner. Thank you Matthew Martin


    • Parents are invited to the parade, which begins at 4:00 and is on the Football Field. There will be a nominal fee for the picnic and the location of it will be announced.


  2. The schedule posted above is for 2015. I am curious about the Friday night activities. My son said if parents come for the parade/picnic they can go home with them on Friday night. What time can they go home? Judging by the 2015 schedule it looks like it would be about 10:15pm.


    • Friday night the kids can leave after the final assembly which takes place at 7:30, routinely they are an hour, hour and a half. So, between that and going to the dorm where your son was staying, you may end up leaving the campus around 10:30. Hopefully this helped!
      -Digitaljournalist2016 Max H(0934)


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