2017 Speakers

Boys’ State Speakers 2017


For June 25 the guest speakers include:
Claudia Tenney – New York State Congress Woman
David E. Rogers – President of Morrisville State College

For June 26 the guest speakers include:
Anthony Brindisi – New York State Assemblyman
Scott McNamara – District Attorney

For June 27 the guest speakers include:
Colonel Kurt Wheeler – US Marine Corps and Former Boys’ State Attendee
Steve Jones – Lawyer from Morrisville

For June 28 the guest speakers include:
Brian Wyman
Ron Taylor, Former Boys’ State Attendee and Former Boys’ Nation Attendee
Fred Ashforth – Ashforth Associate

For June 29 the guest speakers include:
Colin Schmitt – Former Boys’ State Attendee and Former Boys’ Nation Attendee
Brandon Cea – Former Boys’ State Governor and Former Boys’ Nation Attendee
Mike Heibert – Former Boys’ State Attendee
John Ball – Madison County Under Sheriff
Lieutenant Paul Thompson – Oneida Police Department
Ashley Hennings – Mayor for the Village of Newport
Richard Flisnik – Oneida County Legislator

For June 30 the guest speakers include:
Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Saunders
Scott Toth – Retired US Army
Mike Drahos – Retired Morrisville-Eaton Superintendent of Schools
Jim McFadden – Former Fire Chief
John Wright – Former Fire Chief