Archive 2015


Congratulations to all Boys’ State citizens elected to office, and thanks to everyone who ran and made it a great race.

The results of the 2015 Boys’ State state office elections are as follows:


  • Max Tempel #0244 (Federalist)

  • Michael Gossel #0289 (Nationalist)

  • Thomas Wirth #0156 (Federalist)

  • Matthew Hoffer #0779 (Nationalist)

  • Andrew Emerson #1089 (Nationalist)

  • Alexander Barrett #0904 (Federalist)

Chief Justice:

  • Digby Baker-Porazinski #0002 (Federalist)


State Comptroller:

  • John Aiello #0460 (Federalist)


Attorney General:

  • Kyle Begley #1063 (Nationalist)


Lt. Governor:

  • Casey Hamlin #0865 (Nationalist)



  • Elias Mastakouris #1077 (Nationalist)

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