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Interview with Staff Sergeant Sumner

Staff Sergeant Sumner

SSGT Sumner - Fish

Came into the web development room around 3:30 on June 28th to speak with Max Hagerott (0934) for an interview.

MH: “Is this your first Boys State experience?”

Staff Sergeant Sumner: “It is not, it is my second year to be here.”

MH: “What do you think of the program thus far?”

Staff Sergeant Sumner: “It’s good, it’s the same as last year. Only difference for me in my second year, is that there are a lot of new Marines this time around. They get to learn what it means to be a mentor to young adults.

MH: “Seeing as this is not your first attendance, what was your first attendance?”

Staff Sergeant Sumner: “Last year was my first year for Boys State, I was the Marine for Fish County as well.”

MH: “Now onto your career sir… what made you join the United States Marine Corps?”

Staff Sergeant Sumner: “That’s a good question… for me I was always an athlete and always strived to be the best I can be. Growing up within a United States Marine Corps town, and hearing what it was about and seeing what it can do, it was an easy decision…as well as the challenge of the Marines inspired me.”

MH: “Out of curiosity, do you have any cool stories you can share from basic training?”

Staff Sergeant Sumner: “My experience was different per say, during my time in basic training my father passed away…with that occurrence I was able to go home for five days, also the fact that I was 26 when I joined added to the fact I understood the mental breakdown portion of it, so nothing stood out to me all too much because my mind was elsewhere.”

MH: “How many years have you served, and where has your time in the Marines brought you?

Staff Sergeant Sumner: “I’ve served for eleven and a half years… I’ve been brought to thirteen different countries, and my favorite so far is Jordan.”

MH: “What do you think of YOUR citizens this week so far?”

Staff Sergeant Sumner: “This year’s citizens have picked up on the drill portion quickly, they have also impressed me with how well-spoken they are and how unafraid they are to voice their opinions to their peers and fellow citizens.”

MH: “Last formal question, to those looking to enlist into the service whether it be enlisted, or officer, any tips to give them?”

Staff Sergeant Sumner: “Do their research. Talk to recruiters from more than one branch too, the reason I say this is because not everyone has what it takes to be a United States Marine, but while that may be true, there is a branch for everyone out there.”

MH: “Lastly, any remarks to close with?”

Staff Sergeant Sumner: “My experience here over the past two years have given me faith that our future is very bright young men like this.”

MH: “Thank you for your time sir.”

Staff Sergeant Sumner: “You’re welcome.”


Interview by and written by: Max Hagerott (0934)


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