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Morning Assembly Occurrences Day 4

Morning Assembly Day 4!

The room was filled with noise and chatter to begin with, then as the Staters’ sat down for the Statesman News of the Day, learning about current events, major league sports in the world, and at the end, watched an interview on one of the citizens here, and the end of his motivating interview, received a standing ovation.

Shortly after, the Statesman news, the Boys States Citizens were read their scripture readings from Proverbs 4, and  shortly after sang the National Anthem twice, ranging from loud, to very loud. As well as the Boys State Alma Mater twice, going from the louder, to the loudest. Then we got into our speakers.

Our first speaker, Jan Mahoney, a Girls State Representative, first she began by “shouting out” one of the Boys Staters asking for him to stand up, because his sister was at Girls State. Then in her “housekeeping” routine, she then stepped away from the microphone and took a selfie with the Boys Staters, and then went on to say that she was the 2015-2016 Girls State Auxillary President. As she began her speech, she was greeted by many standing ovations, and overall enthusiasm from the Boys. As she started, she spoke about the history of the American Legion, beginning with Theodore Roosevelt Jr. in 1919, the year after, The American Legion Auxillary was created for the wives and close relative women of the Legionnaires. Some off-branches of the American Legion being the Sons of American Legion, and recently American Legion riders. The results of her speech resulted in the citizens shouting in unison “USA! USA! USA!” Mahoney also read a letter sent from Girls Stater. Quick notes of her letter comprised of being empowered, that the boys do a lot, and the girls do as well. Speaking about some misunderstanding about bedtimes, restricted meal-times, and poking fun at our PT routines, saying they’re having a difficult week as well.

The Boys Staters seemed to have enjoyed the speech given by Senator Joesph A. Griffo. Griffo by stating he’d like to see Girls Staters come to Boys State. Then, he had the young men thank the Marines that were watching over them, and that erupted in a standing ovation. As well as a big thanks to musicians, and the Legionnaires making this all happen. Then took time to get to know the boys in attendance by asking questions about where they are from in New York, and favorite sports teams. Moving onto more serious topics, he stated that the average 18 year old can do everything, except drink because of the drinking age law, which he hopes to lower to 19 years old, and lower the driving age. Spoke about the idea of a Text-lyzer for distracted drivers. The Senator made it a point to say that he’s for making college more affordable, but not free putting a little remark towards Bernie Sanders. Sen. Griffo is also looking to change how the whole Presidential Election works, using popular vote instead of the electoral college.

The citizens then had the wrap up of how the assembly with their daily music video, today’s music video was American Solider by Toby Keith, which was met with a huge ovation of clapping by the boys.


Written and notes taken by: Max Hagerott (0934)

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