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My Experience and Advice

My name is Grant Nawoichyk, I am from West Point, New York, and I go to Don Bosco Preparatory High School in Ramsey, New Jersey. I had the privilege to be one of the five chosen to be a Boys’ State website developer. Although I am not the most experienced, I believe that I was able to contribute with strong ideas and intriguing articles to engage any reader. The article which I worked on the most was the series of a day in the life of my roommate Isaiah Lee. Although I had just met him, in the short span we spent together, we were able to build a strong friendship much like many of the other citizens that I met. Coming from West Point, New York, there were seven other citizens that took part in Boys’ State, but we were all separated during the experience. As I arrived and placed in my county and city, I met kids from all over the state of New York and it did not take long for me to become friends with many of the other kids. As I wrap up my time here at Morrisville for Boys’ State, the advice I can impart to any prospective stater is don’t be afraid to take a chance on coming, talking, running for something, or taking charge. Yes, you will be surrounded by the best in New York state, but if you are here that means you are one of them, so take chances! You will not regret the opportunities you accomplish, but you will regret the opportunities you do not take advantage of. Best of luck to you, Go Bosco!


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