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Camp Life Lessons

The experiences that I have gained through camp have been very influential. I have got to know most of my camp counselors and Sargent from the Marines very well. I can truly say that each and every person here wants the best for me. Each person throughout the camp has a different way of expressing that. So far in the week we have all gained a sense of maturity and stability through any situation that can be thrown at us.

One of the main lessons that I have learned throughout the camp is a sense of unity. My Sargent has taught me this the most out of every person that I had a chance to meet at the camp. He clearly demonstrates that the power of a family working towards a common goal is much more powerful than working alone. This sense of unity has allowed me to open up to people that I have never met before and make friends that will last a lifetime. The experiences that this camp has offered for me is amazing.

As a group we learn how to cooperate together. Even though we did not all know each other at the start of the camp, we have formed this sense of family. Most of us felt nervous at the beginning of the camp but as the week has gone on I can see that all of the campers are starting to really like it here. This is because we have made new friends and we love the idea of being apart of something bigger than ourselves.

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