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Lessons Learned Boys State 2019

Many people come here with a very nervous attitude form whether they think they won’t be able to find friends or they may be homesick it’s understandable. This is how I felt going throughout the week I wasn’t sure what to expect and was getting homesick and felt like no one was going to like me but that wasn’t the case at all. Here at Boys State their is a large selection of activities to do ranging from computer and coding based clubs to sports. Their is a diverse amount of activities you can choose from when coming and it did not take me long at all to find where I fit in and personally can say this has been one of the best and most influential experiences of my life. This program has taught me how to lead others how to inspire others through campaigning how to appeal to a larger audience and how to encourage others no matter what. The leadership skills you gain here at NY Boys State is unlike any other it really shows you how being a leader in a society can impact not just you but everyone else around you and once I leave Boys State I know I’ll be using these skills I gained here everyday of my life.

One thought on “Lessons Learned Boys State 2019

  1. Thank you for all your posts.
    I enjoyed reading them. My son is there this week and it has given me a chance to get a sense of the boys schedule. Great posts! I enjoyed them!
    If you see #0988 Spafford/Coleman
    Tell John Happy Birthday from his mom! His bday is today 7/1. Thanks 😊


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