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A Farewell to Boys State 2019

My time at Boys State has been something unimaginable. The people who I’ve met and the bonds that I’ve formed here will never leave me for as long as I live. Being here at Boys State has given leadership, friendship, and bravery new definitions in my eyes. It’s shown me that there are so many people in this world and even though some may be better at some things than others, many just need a place that they love and that they will excel in. Everyone has a place here no matter what you want to do. If you think it’s all running and sports that’s wrong. There are so many options for these young men to enjoy. Many young men here will never forget this experience and will drastically see the affects that have been put into effect because of this program. I know personally I’ll never forget the experiences I gained from this camp, from teaching attention to detail, to leadership training. This will be a week I’ll never forget. On our way out towards the buses we’ll be thinking about the times we spent together and will forever have the memories of Boys State in our minds.

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