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New York American Legion Boy’s State 2020

If this was a normal year I’d be arriving at SUNY Morrisville this weekend to prepare for the arrival of 900+ young men who would be coming to participate in the New York American Legion Boy’s State program, just as I have for the last 12 years . As we all know the pandemic has cancelled that plan.

The headquarters staff at their daily meeting

Instead, this week I want to make sure we don’t completely forget about the program for a year. Normally I would have been responsible for the website and social media efforts during the week. A group of Boy’s State citizens would have posted updates and content from the week’s events. They would have told you what was going on at one of the premiere citizenship programs offered to high school students in the country. Hopefully you will take a look at what we posted over the last couple years.

the class of 2019 checking in and receiving their water bottles and shirts.

Instead, this week I have asked some New York American Legion Boy’s State Alumni that I have worked with over the years to put together some posts about their experiences at Boy’s State. Hopefully you will follow along.

Meeting their Marine for the first time is always a special memory

If you were supposed to attend this week I hope you will learn a little about what you missed and know that although you weren’t able to attend being selected is still an honor and you should be proud. I encourage you to do some self study during this week and learn on your own about the political process, and also learn a little about the American Legion. I would also suggest doing a little research about military service.

If you hope to attend Boy’s State in the future, or know someone who would, I hope you’ll read these posts and be more motivated to pursue the opportunity. Hopefully we’ll be back next year and the years to follow.

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