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Interview with Staff Sergeant Justis

Staff Sergeant Justis

Marine for the County of Spafford

Staff Sergeant Justis took time to speak with Max Hagerott(0934) about his time at Boys State 2016.

SSgt Justis - Spafford

MH: “Is this your first Boys State experience?”

Staff Sergeant Justis: “Yes it is.”

MH:” What made you decide to go into the United States Marine Corps?”

Staff Sergeant Justis: “In the quick rundown of what happened is this… I had a huge fight with my mom, and I wanted to get out, I wanted to travel the world, and make something of myself.”

MH: “Can you share any cool or funny stories from basic training?”

Staff Sergeant Justis: “At basic I was known as the Judge, due to my last name. They’d make me wear a blanket as a robe, and a mop head for my wig. The drill instructors would make me call court to session, which was usually PT. While they may have given me less workouts while I called the court to session, I did have to do PT with all of the “outfit” on and it couldn’t fall of my body, and if it did, I started over.”

MH: “How many years have you served, and where has your career in the service taken you?”

Staff Sergeant Justis: “I have served 17 years, and places that I have been are Okinawa, Thailand, the Philippines, South Korea, Hong Kong, Iwo Jima, Australia, and main-land of Japan. I was also stationed in San Diego, North Carolina, and Brooklyn. I served two tours in Iraq, one tour in Afghanistan, and one in Morocco. As well as little day trips here and there.”

MH: “What do you think of your Boys State citizens thus far?”

Staff Sergeant Justis: “They need to work on drill, quite a bit, they’re getting better though. Overall, everyone is very similar, but it is my pleasure to have the best of the best from all the schools, also those in attendance here have the best morals, the better ideals, it makes my job easier because the kids have a better understanding and capability of the interaction, and can go home from this with a great deal of appreciation for what happens here.”

MH: “To those looking to enlist as an E-1 or an officer, what would you say to them before they sign their names?”

Staff Sergeant Justis: “I would say go enlisted first, because while I may be biased, you learn a lot in the enlisted, but a lot of officers have more management responsibilities. I’d say find what you like more, and where you come from to think about.”

MH: “Any closing remarks?”

Staff Sergeant Justis: “Nothing really, but “baabaabooi!”(reference to Howard Stern)

MH: “Thank you for your time Staff Sergeant.”

Staff Sergeant Justis: “You’re welcome.”

Interview conducted by and written by: Max Hagerott(0934)

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