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Meet One of the Counselors

Gunnar Haberl

City Counselor

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(interviewed by Max Hagerott; 0934)

MH: “What brought you to Boys State this year?”

Mr. Haberl: “I was a Boys Stater in 2014, a part of McKnealy, Love. I had such an outstanding experience that I contacted Mr. O’ Brien to give back to a program for myself as an individual and for my career.”

MH: “What stands out this year?”

Mr. Haberl: “What stands out to me the most about the Boys State is the nervousness and the amongst the Boys State citizens to talk willingly about the upcoming presidential election and the current state of politics of our countries…from their perspectives.”

MH: “Seeing that you were a Boys Stater, what was your best memory from your 2014 session?”

Mr. Harberl: “My best memories from 2014 was being elected mayor to my city of Love, and being nominated by my counselor for Boys Nation.”

MH:” What do you expect from this year?”

Mr. Haberl: ” I expect the citizens to take full advantage of the opportunity and the platform to participate in the most distinguished program for young men in New York State, working closely with honorable veterans and United States Marines, dedicated volunteers, and I hope they partake in every opportunity that arises in their week and leave here with no regrets.”

MH: “Can Boys State expect to see you back in 2017?”

Mr. Haberl: “I am hoping that I will have made a big enough impact on the boys that I talk to in order to be invited back for the Boys State 80th anniversary.”

MH: “What drew you to Boys State in 2014?”

Mr. Haberl: “I was nominated by my student government advisor Mrs. Muskopf, and I was then selected by American Legion Post #362, and I did not know the direction I was headed for my career…on that note I really didn’t know who I was, and after speaking with the Legionnaires from Legion Post #362 and my student government advisor and mentor, Mrs. Muskopf made it clear that Boys State would be the perfect opportunity to explore and find answers to these questions I had.

MH: “You spoke about helping you in your career, what have you done in your career?”

Mr. Haberl: “After Boys State, I was accepted into the University of Buffalo. I studied a dual major in legal studies, and political science with a minor in education. Shadowing numerous public officials, US senators, members of Congress, State Senators, New York State Assembly Members, County Legislators, Local Town Officials, I interned for the New York State Assembly from August 2015 until December of 2015, which at that point I had been employed by the New York State Assembly, where I am one of the youngest to ever be employed by the Assembly of the New York State. On May 17th of 2016, I was elected as the public official to the Iroquois Central School District, in Elma, NY, becoming the youngest elected boardĀ member in the school district. Throughout the 2016 Presidential Election I have had the honor to meet and see Senator Ted Cruz, former President of the United States of America Bill Clinton, NBC Chief Political Anchor Chuck Todd, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton. Yet, while I was at Boys State I was elected Mayor of the city of Love, nominated for Boys Nation by my city counselor, was just as important as it was for me to be one of the finalists to be a US Senate page, and elected to represent Western New York on the New York State Council of Leadership and Student Activities.”

MH: “Any closing remarks, or last comments for the parents or boys that look back?”

Mr. Haberl: “I am honored to be back at Morrisville college for Boys State 2016, the program that taught me the true meaning of being a citizen of this great country. It is my hope to help influence the lives of 2016 Boys State citizens just like my counselors Mr. Matello, Mr. Constanie, and Mr. Longo.”

MH: “Thank you for your time sir. “

Mr. Harberl: “No thank you.”

Interview and post made by: Max Hagerott

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