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Phillip Seybert Interview

City Counselor Phillip Seybert

Counselor for the County of Spafford

Counselor Phillip Seybert sat down with Max Hagerott (0934) for Boy’s State 2016



MH: “What brought you to Boy’s State?”

PS: “In January, I recognized a lot of vacancies and the need to encourage future leaders. Without questions I volunteered for Spafford and city counselor for Governor.”

MH: “What is your history with Boy’s State and American Legion?”

PS: “Boy’s State under Americanism is the primary reason of American Legion’s love for chairman. I’ve held the office for 5 years as the Alabama rider for the 5th district coordinator, responsible for 890 motorcycles of Jefferson County – Broom County. I’m member and supporter of the Patriot guard. Three weeks ago I was encouraged and humbled to join central route run to the wall to DC on a 5 day ride opportunity with 69,000 motorcycles in DC.”

MH: “What wars did you serve in?”

PS: “The 1st Gulf War with 20th Engineer Brigade (Airborne) 18th Airborne Corps member of combat Engineer Battalion. I served from 1979 – 2000 honorably for the US Army, I am so thankful to serve our county.”

MH: “What is your opinion on Boy’s State this year?”

PS: “Grateful for the Heal Day process which can actually speak responsibility as well as members of the legislature on bills for veterans and families and soldiers currently in uniform.”

Interview taken by: Max Hagerott (0934)
Written and compressed by: Jordan Albrecht (0623)

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