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Interview with Staff Sergeant Gerlak

Interview with Staff Sergeant Gerlak

SSgt. Gerlak- Scheiberling

Interview by Max Hagerott(0934)

MH: “What do you think of this year’s Boys State?”

Staff Sergeant Gerlak: “Suprisingly awesome without knowing what to expect, I have been thoroughly impressed by who the boys are and what they have become.

MH: “Is this your first Boys State? If so, what’s your impression?”

Staff Sergeant Gerlak: “Yes it is, I wish I had done it sooner, I am having a good time.”

MH: “Is this going well enough that if given the opportunity, would you volunteer for next year?”

Staff Sergeant Gerlak: “Yeah absolutely, I would definitely come back.”

MH: “What do you think of your boys in your county?”

Staff Sergeant Gerlak: “I think I have the best county in Boys State, just seeing how apprehensive and confused they were and seeing the transformation into a county that can operate cohesively and efficiently together as a team.”

MH: “What changes have you seen in your county?”

Staff Sergeant Gerlak: “When I first picked up with them, they were scared, they were messy, a lot of them lack self-confidence. Now I am seeing their true personalities emerge, they’re in high spirits, they’re excitedly debating respectfully, and overall learning to come together to positively make change.”

MH: “What changes still need to take place before graduation?”

Staff Sergeant Gerlak: “The most important but difficult change that needs to take place is to understand is a time and a place to act professionally, and when it’s appropriate to act more casually, and when exactly to go about doing that.

MH: “What drew you into the United States Marine Corps?”

Staff Sergeant Gerlak: “I was twenty-two years old,  I wasn’t satisfied with my status in life, both my family and my self had high standards for what I could accomplish. That said, I knew that it would be an avenue to prove and show them this. I have a quote to describe this… “Some people wonder their whole lives if they made a difference in this world, but the Marines don’t have this problem.” – Ronald Reagan

MH: “How many years have you served?”

Staff Sergeant Gerlak: “Eight years.”

MH: “Best of your memories from basic training?”

Staff Sergeant Gerlak: “There was a recruit that was a comedian and didn’t know how to stop laughing, on the way back from the rifle range, the drill instructor had enough with the laughing, and ordered to say “Hehehe! That tickles!” like Tickle Me Elmo for 30 minutes while the rest of the company sat in silence. It was really funny.”

MH: “These things have to come to an end, any last comments?”

Staff Sergeant Gerlak: “This is seven short days, and I hope that the boys, and even myself, will remind ourselves of what we learned during this time, and let it continue to let us make a positive change in this world.”

MH: “Thank you for your time Staff Sergeant”

Staff Sergeant Gerlak: “Anytime, thank you for having me.”


Interview written by: Max Hagerott(0934) and Jordan Albrecht (0623)

Interview conducted by: Max Hagerott(0934)

Post written by: Max Hagerott(0934)

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