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Nationalist/Federalist Party State Nominee Elections Session 3

Nationalist/Federalist Party Nominee Election Session III

Session 3 was the final separate election to determine each parties nominees running late into the night until the Session was finished.

 Nationalist Session III:

The final election was for the positions of Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor, and for the highest position in Boy’s State, the Governor. The Attorney General election began previously in Session II earlier 13435513_291750664499758_8703125275293458116_nin the day, and now continues into Session III, which saw the election of Justin Kiste (1027). The next election was for the Lieutenant Governor, the second highest position, in which the Nationalist Party elected Kyrstofer Mosher (0549). The final election of the night was for the highest position. The Nationalist Party elected Brandon Cea (1019).

Written by: Jordan Albrecht

 Federalist Session III:

The Federalists also held their final caucus today- which ran from 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM due to intense debates and close ties with voting. While the Nationalist party only had to do two voting blocks for the nominee of Governor, the Federalist party had to do a full five voting blocks to narrow it down to two candidates from the 10 counties. In the end, after a few funny incidents, Ryan Loche was found to be the Governor nominee for the Federalist Party. One funny incident would be the candidate from Spafford county, who called himself “Rap God”. The Governor nominee hopeful rapped his speeches for the first couple voting blocks; before dropping the act- talking about how serious he would be, and how he can be serious. Unfortunately, the Spafford county “Rap God” was outvoted during the last vote by Scheilberling.

Written by: Greg Taylor and Max Hagerott

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