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Nationalist/Federalist Party State Nominee Elections Session 1

Nationalist and Federalist Parties Vote For Their State Nominees

The elections begin as the Nationalist and Federalist parties vote for the nominees for state elected positions. Both parties have been voting now since day 2 on Monday, and should be finishing up their party nominations tonight on day 3. These nominees will go up against one another in a state election for positions such as Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Judges of the Court of Appeals, and Comptroller.

13435513_291750664499758_8703125275293458116_nNationalists Session I:

For Session 1 of the Nationalist Party Nominee Elections, Joseph Bott (0697) won the postion of Party Secretary. The second election was for the postion of Party Clerk in which Nicholas Godfrey (0945) won the election.

Written By: Jordan Albrecht

Federalists Session I:

The Federalists first session of Party Nominee Elections resulted in the election of Mark Meneses(0058) of Roosevelt to Party Chairman. Then, nominated Martino An(0920) of Spafford into the position of Assistant Chairman. Lastly, the Party Secretary was chosen as Brian Hochmouth (0194)of McKneally to end the night and return to their dorms and call it a day.

Written by: Max Hagerott (0934)

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