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Day 1 Sports

Day 1 Sports Announcement


During the Boy’s stay at SUNY Morrisville Campus in Boy’s State have the opportunity to play sports during their free time during the day typically between 3:30 PM  and 5:00 PM prior to dinner. The boys have the option to play basketball, softball, soccer, dodge ball, tennis, and tug of war. For the first day, the boys played basketball, softball and soccer. The scores of which are as follows:



Menei 20 to Bowen 12
Keiser wins to forfeit
Ward 20 to Kearsing 5
Morrill 20 to Trioiola 14
Sallese 20 to Peters 9
Cortright 22 to Miller 20
Clark 11 to Burnett 5
Tipping 20 to Marino 18
Coleman 13 to Governor 9
Herschlag 20 to Carpenter 9


Harrington 11 to Minei 10
Love won Brown to forfeit
Baker won Kearsing forfeit
Peter 14 to O’Keefe 10
Mitras 9 to Cortright 7
Casey 11 to Clark 3
Neville won Marino forfeit
Bertrand 16 to Governor 2
Herschlag 20 to Mclaughlin 9



Bowen 6 to Herrington 3
Keiser 9 to Love 6
Baker 7 to Ward 4
Troiola 3 Van Pattern 2
Bertrand 3 to Coleman 2
Miller 5 to Mitras 0
Casey won Burnett forfeit
Tipping 5 to Neville 4


Information from Statesman news report
Written here by: Jordan Albrecht

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