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The Happenings of the Federalist Party Nomination Session III

The Federalist Party Nomination Session III


The events of the third session of the Federalist party nominations turned out to be a nail-biting, time-crunching, and long, long event. As the only Federalist amongst the Web team, I given permission to sit up on stage, right in the heat of all the action, from seven o’clock in the afternoon, to about eleven-thirty that same night. Up close I saw the roles of the Chairman, the Assistant Chairman, Secretary, and Clerk in action. The Chairman taking charge and introducing all the nominees, timing their speeches, and requesting votes from all the counties, and trying to keep the room under control at all times except for when gathering votes. Even that was a bit of a nuisance, luckily I sat behind and was simply taking notes. The Secretary had the toughest job in hindsight, always having to take down numbers, erasing numbers, calculating majority vote, and depicting who survived the rounds of elimination, and lastly, who won the election of each position.

As stated in the previous post of the Nationalist and Federalist session, link to that post is  (, The Federalists wrapped up their second session with nominees for judges. That resulted in two elimination rounds, and the election of seven judges. Numbers of the winning justices for the Federalists are (1026), (398), (298), (538), (972), (664), and lastly (166).

Then moving onto the Party Clerk, nominees were looking at this position with pleas of organization, seriousness, and willingness to work. I sat in with the Party Clerk after he won, took down his name and number, and began to watch as he worked alongside these brilliant young men I was granted the privilege of sharing the stage with. Noan Naiman(112) took the overall victory with majority vote with four other competitors on the board.

During the fuss’ and commotion, the Chairman employed the use of the citizen state troopers to keep everyone settled down, remaining in their counties, and keep votes, and speeches going at a steady rate. The state troopers and city counselors became crowd control for the rowdy Federalists and the voting that ensued the party.

As voting progressed towards another Party seat, the Party Comptroller, the man from Pedro with the plea “Vote for Pedro, and make my mom proud!” -(0784) Samuel Godfrey came out on top. Winning the majority vote in the second round of eliminations.

Moving onto a nitty gritty debate, a constant back and forth of votes, came the role of Attorney General. Most certainly a back and forth situation to remember, but not the closest we had in the night. During the first, second, and third eliminations not a single citizen in the assembly hall had an idea of who could have pulled out the win and became the Attorney General for the Feds. Yet, in the end, Diego Colonna(168) won with a little over 20 votes over majority  vote to win in the fourth round of voting. Truly, when I went up to shake his hand and gain his information for the article, it was an impressive win by the look of accomplishment expressed on his face,

The Federalists then moved onto the Lt. Governor, proving the victor to be Alexander Piedra (0548).

The most nail-biting, back and forth election, came in the most ideal elective office. The Governor. Now, when I say nail-biting, and interesting election, is stated in the fullest effect. The two most outstanding nominees here was Spafford’s Vincent Gullo III (894), nicknamed “Rap God”, and Scheiberling’s Ryan Loche (0560). Gullo came into the light and garnered a lot of attention by “laying down some sick rhymes” for the crowd, then dropping his water bottle like it were a microphone making the crowd blow up in cheer and excitement. This sight was truly mind blowing from the front stage. As Loche came up to deliver his speech, I was impressed to see that he had very good leadership capabilities, and ideas for government and politics. He was the ideal leader, but being a part of Spafford myself, I had my hope in “Rap God”. The other candidates held their own for the most part, and there was a huge debate in majority vote in the fourth elimination round. Many thought that Loche had one the majority vote, and may I note, this was at 11:20 at night, the crowd erupted in cheer, and started to form up for the dorms and get some sleep. Then, had been told to come back, because the votes were about 40 votes off of majority vote, and it had come down between the two candidates. The two had come up to the stage, saluted the flag as per usual, and gave 30 second speeches. Spafford’s representative had changed away from his “Rap God” persona, and snapped into a “I can be goofy as Rap God, but I can also be serious,  I should be your governor.” but in turn, that was his downfall because the Scheilberling candidate capitalized on his words, and said “While Spafford may be serious sometimes, I am serious all the time, and I will be serious for this position, and represent the Federalists.”  Then, shortly after, the most sporadic change of votes, re-count of votes, and change of votes, happened. Many that had voted for Spafford voted for him at first, then changed their votes, some changed back, and then finally, while unable to mention specific number of votes, the final total came up in with Scheilberling clean sweeping Spafford by a decent amount. While I was upset that my county did not win,  I was highly impressed by the political processes that happened last night. Needless to say, last night was a very good introduction to politics, and how it works.

Written by: Max Hagerott


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