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A.M. Assembly Day 5, Election Day with Results!

The Morning Assembly of Day 5(Thursday, June 30th, 2016!)

Today’s events were fantastic, this morning the boys got to skip PT, which some were thrilled about, but still groaning to get out of bed bright and early. We all got out of bed, and began the morning routine of complaints, filling their water bottles, brushing their teeth, and standing groggily in the hallway. With all the yawning, and struggles to keep their eyes open, there was murmur of who was voting for whom. Whether they were voting Federalist, Nationalist, for their own party, against their party, and between all this voting began at 6:30 sharp. With stomachs growling because breakfast starts at 6:45 daily, the votes began piling up, and after breakfast and a morning shower run, we then marched down to the recreation hall for the assembly. There was a loud murmur, and despite some counties weren’t there yet , the Statesman news played for the boys that were there to keep their attention aside from causing a huge fuss about the election results. As the remaining boys still voting came in, the assembly itself came in.

The murmur was a huge incentive to be loud for the National Anthem, and following the National Anthem, we sang the Boys State Alma Mater, not once, not twice, but three times with the joy of waving our arms from left to right each time we sang. It was a sight to see, that you will see tomorrow in your children.

That’s when our first speaker came in this morning. Colin Schmitt of Orange County, who is running for New York State’s 99th Assembly District. When he was introduced as a previous Boys Stater, and Boys Nation participant, he was met with a standing ovation from the Boys for that reason. The first few words he spoke of were how proud that he was of us for being selected for Boys State. Reminding us that there is only a little less than a day left, but stating that insisting that the week stays with you forever. Moving onto his more serious matters of the speech he gave. Speaking about how he is a part of the National Guard, and huge on Homeland Security. Subduing that he’s made programs that provide permanent funding for Boys State. Which after that, because he mentioned the Legion, he thanked the Legionnaires and the Marines for being here to help. Which again, resulted in a standing ovation. After speaking about his father that’s a Lieutenant in the Fire Department of New York, which I appreciated as a volunteer firefighter at home, he thanked all the servicemen and servicewomen, and all the first responder. Shortly after mentioning that ISIS released a hitlist of over 8,000 people, 4,000 of them Americans… He stated strongly that “We seek to destroy evil that seeks to destroy us!” which also resulted in a standing ovation with the chanting of “USA! USA! USA!” from the boys. When he was in attendance himself at Boys State, he ran for Governor, and immediately got kicked out of that slot quicker than you can say “any random collection of words” same results for when he ran for Lt. Governor, but instead, became a road guard. He hated, hated that job, and really wanted to go home, but was then nominated by for Boys Nation. What got him the go ahead, and full on vote to attend Boys Nation with the fact instead of speaking about education, reliance on phones, and other things among those lines, he spoke about Homeland Security. Then spoke about meeting the President of the United States at Boys Nation. Yet, he hated his time at Boys State, he never quit, and never ever gave up. Which received another standing ovation. Before taking a lot of questions, he dropped his Snapchat for the Boys to follow or add him when the boys get home, and then sent a Snap-video to the young ladies over at Girls State. Then, wrapping up his speech, he gave a generalization with a just keep going, and don’t look back ideal. When the boys get excited for the end routine of speakers, Mr. Schmitt received his shirt, which he put on, as well as the hat. Then, below on the Recreation Hall floor, the chant came up with excitement for the cooler, and believe me if you ask,  I have no idea even as a citizen the amazement of the coolers, but it’s the best thing in the world for us boys. He held up the cooler like it was a trophy for the home team. Which, again, received a standing ovation and cheer from the boys.

The big event of the morning. Who won. Who was Governor, who was Lt. Governor. To begin the winners, they announced the Justices first. To begin with, it started off with the election of Ethan Chaffee(0247), Jack Kehoe(1075), Charles Mahoney(1026), Joshua Kenna(0179), Peyton Morse(0463), John Kim(0955), and Chief Justice… Kirt Joseph(0427). The Comptroller winner was Kevin Ge (0179), the Attorney General winner is Justin Kiste (1027)…now big things to win… Lietenant Governor was the Nationalist Krystofer Mosher(0549) and GOVERNOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!(pause for dramatic effect….wait for it) Brandon Cea! (1019)

The session’s ending was met by the swearing in of the officials, and relaying information of the day.

Congrats to those that won today!

Written by: Max Hagerott(0934)

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