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Interview with One of the State Troopers

Andrew Amedio


Andrew Amedio (0897) came into the Web Devs room shortly after lunch June 30th to sit down and tell Max Hagerott about his experience

MH: “What do you do here at Boys State as a state trooper?

Andrew: “I enforce laws given to me by my county, my city, and by the state officials. I also keep the peace, protect the state officials elected, and most importantly, protect the Governor.

MH: “How have you enjoyed Boys State thus far in?”

Andrew: “I love it, it’s great! I will never forget this, I learned a lot about myself, like I am no longer afraid to get myself out there, I have a natural-born leadership quality, and yeah, it’s been a good time.”

MH: “What’s the first thing you’ll do when you get home, I know I’m sleeping pretty much solidly all night, and likely the morning”

Andrew: “Laundry! I leave for vacation the same day I get back, and also…checking my phone. Got to check my phone.”

MH: “What have you missed from home the most since being here?”

Andrew: “My bed, I don’t miss home much…but I do miss just talking to my mom and dad, I have a good relationship with them. Miss talking to them on a regular basis.”

MH: “What change have you seen in yourself since being here?

Andrew: “Just… become more bold when talking to people, and overall less nervous in myself.”

MH: “How do you feel about the program?”

Andrew: “I was expecting something really, really strict, not that it’s not, it’s definitely well-disciplined, also I thought there would be more Liberals, but it’s actually leaning more to the Conservative side.”

MH: “How do you feel about the Marines?”

Andrew: “The Marines are great, I enjoy having them here, I have high respect for all servicemen and servicewomen and their leadership.”

MH: “What has spurred the most accomplishment in your county?”

Andrew: “The beginning we struggled with marching, but we get it now, and it’s all come together, and I think that’s the biggest thing. ”

MH: “Any last remarks to citizens looking back, the parents, and possible future troopers?”

Andrew: “To the possible future Boys State State Troopers make sure you remember the oath you took, your job, and do it to the fullest you can.”

MH: “Thank you for coming in shortly before your meeting, thank you for your time.”

Andrew: “Ah, no problem, thank you for having me.”


Written and Interview Conducted by: Max Hagerott (0934)

2 thoughts on “Interview with One of the State Troopers

  1. As one of last year’s website developers, I’m glad to see the website still in good shape. Keep up the good work guys. You might want to fix some of the articles on the mobile site, the titles of the articles blend in too much with the font background and pictures.


    • Will do, the web-dev team left behind a routine deal for the kids next year to take over, thank you for keeping your interest in the program!


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