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Journey to Boys’ State

Some of New York’s finest young men ventured to SUNY Morrisville to attend Boys’ State this past Sunday.  These attendees come everywhere—big cities and small towns.  This is a truly unique experience that allows connections to be made that otherwise would never exist, connections that may last a lifetime.

A few Boys’ Staters who lived close Morrisville arrived by car. For most boys coming from far away, a bus was the most common mode of transportation.  Bus rides varied from a short two hours to a long eight hours.  Boys’ State Citizen James Cameron had one of the longest bus rides, at eight hours in length, who despite the long ride and broken down bus, had a good time meeting with the other citizens of Boys’ State once he finally arrived.

“I just want to get through the week and learn skills” said Connor Clappin.  Like Clappin, some Boys’ Staters were timid, but were optimistic about the week ahead.  On the bus, all Jeffery Palmer could think about was the question of who was going to be his roommate.  Many Boys’ Staters, like Michael Carey are starting to thoroughly enjoy their time at Boys’ State.  He has managed to pick himself up and stay positive.

However, there is one thing to be certain of: that by the end of the week, Boys’ State will be a focal point for all of its participants.  Many boys will return home with many new friends and lasting memories.

One thought on “Journey to Boys’ State

  1. Awesome, Ben! Glad you are having such an inspiring week! Quite amazing, really! Congratulations for being chosen to go! You are making us feel the next generation is in good hands!


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