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Cuisine of Boys’ State

Serving the attendees and faculty of Boys’ State

Without the food staff present at Boys’ State this whole program would never work, luckily the food staff at Boys’ State is one of a kind. The food service at Boys’ State is similar to every good day with breakfast followed by lunch and dinner. The food staff is a fan of the military level of organization helping to deal with the nearly 1100 boys and staff at every meal. The military organization for food consists of marching to the Chow Hall in formation with your Marine and having a designated seat at the tables.

BS2017 029Every meal was planned months in advance to ensure that every participant of every meal has a full plate. Despite the Chow Hall being perfectly suited for the meals during the week we have one picnic at the nearby Iceplex.

“There is a huge difference from the first day to the last, by the last day there is a huge difference in the boys.” – Food Service Member

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