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The Marines at Boys’ State

Marines Purpose at Boys’ State

The Marines at Boys’ State are some of the finest teachers you could have for this program. At Boys’ State it is expected that each participant has a clean dorm room, and a neat bed among other things all of which the Marines teach us to do.

Lessons from Marines

  • Marching
    – In order to get to Chow Hall and other assemblies punctually and in the correct order the Marines teach us to march. Marching is very simple and helps all the Boys’ State attendees reach their respective destination on time.
  • Rack Making
    – Every morning the Boys’ State attendee must make their rack, or they make their rack once and sleep on top of the covers, but either way when the Marine checks the attendees dorm room the rack must be made to match the way the marine demonstrated.
  • Chanting
    – In order to march in unison chanting is a necessity. The chants start simply with, “Left, Left, Left, Right, Left” and progressively become more complicated.
  • Posture
    – The Marines have the Boys’ State attendees stand in posture, at attention or at rest, depending on the circumstance, when in formation.
  • Physical Training
    – Every morning at six the Marines have twenty to thirty minutes to train their county. Physical training is also used as motivation for participants lacking motivation.

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