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Recommended Items for Boys’ State

The Necessities

The items on the list located here are very important to ensure a positive Boys’ State experience. However some of those items are more important than others to the Boys’ State experience. Those items are as follows:

  • Personal Hygiene
    – Nobody want to be the stinky disgusting person in the formation, so never fail to pack all person hygiene items(deodorant, body wash, shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste, etc…)
  • Towels
    – Fitting in with person hygiene, without at least two towels to alternate between showers you will never be able to dry off on a dry towel.
  • Watch
    – Without a watch the Boys’ State experience is quite hectic everything relies on timing so without a watch you must rely on others and the bell that rings every fifteen minutes.

The Non-Essentials

Despite the list being inclusive there are a few items that were not stated on the list but are proving quite nice to make the Boys’ State experience that much better. Those items include:

  • Snacks
    – While the food at Boys’ State is alright, here is a post about the food, the P.T. and walking around campus will leave you hungry for more food and the vending machines are known to eat money.
  • Alarm Clock
    – You are expected to be ready for P.T. at six AM however to have your rack made and teeth brushed you should wake up at five thirty AM and if you do not have an alarm clock then you can not wake up in time.
  • No Formal Shirts
    – As important as having your own workout shirts is, you do not need to have any formal shirts. All formal events will have a white Boys’ State shirt that is supplied.
  • Toilet Paper
    – Morrisville College is well stocked with single ply sandpaper. If you don’t want to use this after using the bathroom, you should consider bringing your own roll.

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