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Dorm Life at Boys’ State

City Life

Every Boys’ State Attendee will be given a city and a county, the city determines which dorm you reside in. Every morning you prepare for Physical Training with your city, making racks brushing teeth and hygienic things. After PT you will shower, you shower fast. The showers are in the communal bathrooms (2 per bathroom 4 in total). Some of the dorms have no roommates and others have two, a few even have three, so after shower time you get dressed for breakfast with your roommates. Most attendees do not return to their dorm until 4PM to retrieve their sports equipment and after sports time the only time in the dorms is at night.

Dorm Contents

Every dorm room is guaranteed to have a rack (bed), a desk, a dresser, and a small closet.  Some dorms have a small kitchenette but most do not.

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