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Attack Chow: Part Two in a Series

Afternoon of Isaiah Lee

“The objectives of Boys State are…!” This phrase is the start of reading knowledge to the formation, led by a Boys’ State citizen, after the young leaders eat, or go to chow. Isaiah Lee was back at it soon after his breakfast time period. Once the formation is complete and everyone has counted off, Isaiah and his county begin drill lessons with their Marine in charge. Although it is a learning experience for all of these Boys’ Staters, discipline is instilled after any mess up with pushups or running. The words that no citizen at Boys’ State like to hear include, but are not limited to, “get on your face” for pushups or “run that way” for sprints. Once they have completed their drills, Mr. Lee and the other attendees march to an assembly that consists of guest speakers, announcements for the day, and the singing of our Alma Mater. After the completion of that, it is time for lunch and the young leaders to march to the chow hall. Upon their arrival, Isaiah and the county of Pedro “attack the chow hall,” which is when you put your best war face on, scream your best war cry, and run at the chow hall to get in line in order to fuel up to conquer the rest of the day.

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