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Free Time at Boys State

Free Time

At Boys State you will have a variety of options for activities when it comes to free time. Free time lasts from 4:00pm to 5:00pm most days. You may spend this free time however you wish so long as it follows Boys State rules and regulations.


Boys State offers a variety of sports for you to choose from during your free time. These sports include Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Dodgeball, Tennis, and Cross Country Track. Not only are these sports a recreational pass time but they are also competitive. Sports teams from each city in Boys State compete in tournament style brackets in hopes of making it to and winning the “state championship”. Boys staters also have the opportunity to visit the campus athletics center and weight room.

Computer Time

Each Boys State attendee has the chance to visit the library and get on a computer. During their time on this computer they are free to check Facebook, email home, play games, or just simply browse the web. The time on the computer is limited however due to other people wanting to use them and they are in limited supply.

Rest and Relaxation

Boys attending Boys State also have the opportunity to use their free time for rest. After waking up at 6:00 am everyday for PT and marching from point A to point B all day its nice to kick back and relax in your barracks during your personal time.

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