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What to Expect on Friday

The last day (Friday this year) of New York Boys’ State is a hectic one.  There are many final activities, and we hope that parents, families, and friends will join us.  We are located on the campus of Morrisville State College.

The Parade

The Parade is one of the highlights of the day.  The Boys’ will be assembled on the  Morrisville State College stadium field for a ceremony that will culminate in a pass in review.  In case of inclement weather the event will be held in the Rec Hall.  All are welcome to attend.  Immediately following the Parade the Boys’ will march to the flag pole and assembly for the Retreat Ceremony, where the flag will be lowered for the day by a contingent of Marines.  Once the ceremony is over your Boys are released until the evening assembly.  There will be an opportunity to check out to facilitate departure after the assembly.  ALL BOYS WHO ARE DEPARTING THAT DAY MUST CHECK OUT AT HEADQUARTERS.

The Picnic

After the Boy’s are released they can link up with their families.  A picnic dinner is available for a nominal fee in the iceplex.  Again visitors are welcome to join their Boys for dinner.  There is sure to be some lively dinner conversation.

The Evening Assembly

All Boys are expected to attend the Assembly.  Awards, Recognitions, a speech from the Boys State Governor, and a rousing rendition of the Alma Mater are some of the highlight.  It’s a memorable event. At the conclusion of the ceremony Boys who have checked out can depart.

  • All Boys must have their credential card scanned before departure
  • To leave with someone other than a parent the driver must show a photo ID and a notarized note from the parents naming the person the Boys State Citizen may ride with.

Accountability at Boys State is crucial.  Please be patient with us as you depart and don’t be surprised if your Boy asks to stay the night and ride the bus home in the morning.

The Headquarters can be reached at 315-684-6566 and the FAX number is 315 684-6661

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