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Lessons Learned from Wednesday’s Assembly

Fred Ashforth Speaks to Boys’ Staters at Wednesday’s Assembly

Fred Ashforth

Everybody has heard a speech that has moved them dramatically. Fred Ashforth, a writer, educator and salesman has discovered five tips that can make any person deliver a moving speech.

  1. Listen – To be a great speaker you can’t ignore the crowd. You are not the most important person, the presenter must listen to the audience and know what’s important to them to have an engaging speech.
  2. Be Respectful – Every person wants to be treated with respect. Be on time, and keep your speech short.
  3. Speak from your Heart – If you are passionate about your speech you will not need to think hard about your speak your words will pour out from your heart, and people will listen!
  4. Look Good and Sound Good – Show the audience you feel confident! Dress to impress, remove the”umms” from your speech, and talk directly to individuals in the audience while making eye contact. and  If you can have every person paying attention to you then your speech will be successful.
  5. Step out of Your Comfort Zone – You can’t get better a public speaking without doing it!

If you follow these steps, you can deliver a great speech to any number of people.

Bryan Wyman speaks to Boys’ Staters about choices, consequences, and actions.

Brian Wyman

The final speaker at Wednesday’s assembly was Brian Wyman, the father of the late Deputy Sheriff Kurt Wyman. Kurt was involved in a 2011 shootout that resulted in his death. Brian Wyman talked about his son’s life, and wanted everyone to come away with three words: choices, consequences, and character.

In his speech, Wyman discussed how one’s choices can have consequences.   “If you make a bad choice, you have to face the consequences,” Wyman stated.  If a person responds to the consequences in a positive way, it builds a person’s character.

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