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Why did you come to Boys’ State?

As a collective state of citizens, we began to wonder why we all came to Boys’ State. To gather answers, we asked a number of citizens why they chose to come here. Here are some of our results:

“So I could get more education on the government.” -Dominick Uriah 0060

“I came to Boys’ State to get first hand experience on how government works as a whole.” -Philip Antonoff 0624

“I came to learn how to become a more well-rounded citizen, and to experience the true meanings of the words democracy and discipline.” -Colton Fog 0616

Other’s chose to attend for more personal reasons:

“I came to Boys’ State because I want it in my college resume.” -Jacob Johnson 0704

“I came because my dad came to Boy’s State and it looks good on a resume.” – Alex Evangelista 0142

Although these boys seem to be focused more on the way they personally look professionally, every citizen of Boys’ State is giving it their all. We may not have been prepared for what’s being thrown at us but we have adjusted and we are ready.

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