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Marine Interview

Sergeant Torres

Sgt. Torres is the Marine in charge of Scheiberling County at Boys State 2017. He is 28 years old and has served his country for over ten years. Torres is the only combat marine at Boys State this year and it has been an honor and an experience being led by him.


Sgt. Torres teaches us all the standard drills that we are expected to learn, but he also goes beyond that. He sits us down and teaches us the meaning of honor, courage, and commitment. Those are the Marine Corps values. He also teaches us the values of discipline, respect, and integrity. Sgt. Torres has stated “ As long as you have integrity people will follow… Integrity is my favorite.” Sgt. Torres is as Marine as they come.

Personal Life

This is the little bit that Torres has shared about his personal life. He is an avid martial arts and football fan. He is a coach for one of his Marine teams and practices boxing and various forms of grappling and wrestling. Sgt. Torres has said “I was not a Boys Stater, I should have been. I am now.” Scheiberling County clapped at which he expressed his distaste for applause.

Reputation in Scheiberling

Around Scheiberling county people have grown fond of Torres. The way he pushes us and the way he’s taught us has certainly left an impact.

“Torres is committed, dedicated, and easily disgusted.” 0640-Miller

Around Scheiberling Torres as become famous for his use of the word nasty. Whenever the county would mess up a drill or step out of line he would loudly state that it was in fact nasty. When asked why he used the word nasty so much Torres responded “because you are all a bunch of nasty things.”

Staff Sergeant Diaz

Staff  Sergeant Diaz is a true American Hero who proudly serves his country. When asked about his experiences overseas Staff Sergeant Diaz said they help mold him, but he does not believe that his experiences are affecting how he leads at Boys’ State.  Staff Sergeant Diaz leads Roosevelt County phenomenally teaching all of the resident how to make their racks properly march with proper form, and in my opinion has  the best county chant, the chant is “Who’s the baddest? ROOSEVELT! Who’s the strongest? ROOSEVELT! Who’s the fastest? ROOSEVELT!”

By order of Staff Sergeant Diaz here is his facebook

Staff Sergeant Diaz

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