Current Boys State Posts

Lights Out Gentlemen: Part Three in a Series

Evening of Isaiah Lee

When the delicious food of chow hall is finally inhaled by Isaiah Lee at lunch time, he repeats the same “post chow” routine. Once the county is completely formed up, the marine leads them to continue drill until it is time for the county to vote or discuss pressing topics of the day. Post discussions with the cities of each county, they meet at the state level to discuss pressing topics with all of the counties. Isaiah and Pedro county break for dinner time and again “attack chow.” As the citizens reach a close on the day, they assemble as a state again to finish up business. After the completion, Isaiah reports back to his respected barracks, changes into his pajamas, prepares for bed and at 10:30 pm it is lights out for Isaiah Lee, of course after he says goodnight to his floor mates.



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