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Monday Sports Update

On Monday the citizens here at Boys’ State were busy facing off during our during our free time, in sports such as soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and more! Citizens had the option to choose which sport they would like to participate in, and by the end of the week, a winner will be determined for the tournament.

Monday afternoon produced the softball winners; Minei, Brown, Van Patten, Peters, Cortright, Casey, Neville, Bertrand, McLaughlin. Nick Natale from the city of Brown, got a solo homer that left the field!

The soccer teams also provided a few wins for their cities, with Bown, Love, Ward, Triola, Coleman, Mitras, Casey, and Sampson. Carlos Lopez from the city of Casey came out on top, leading his team to  a 5-3 victory!

Special thanks to SUNY Morrisvile for allowing us to use their beautiful fields and courts.

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