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State Party Conventions Session I

The citizens of Boys’ State are separated into two different political parties, the Nationalists and the Federalists. These parties work together, as political parties do in real politics, to get their candidate elected for certain positions. The first of three State Party Conventions was held on Monday, June 25, and both parties worked to appoint one member to the Party convention rules committee to oversee the election of the Party Chairman, the Party Clerk, and the Party Secretary.

The Party Chairman enforces all adopted rules, calls the house to order, announces all party business, sustains order, explains and decides questions of order with the provision of reversal given to the house, appoints all committees not otherwise provided for, recognizes speakers, submits motions, puts to vote all questions, sets precedence in speaking on questions of order, and decides who votes.

The Party Secretary records the proceedings of the organization, writes all letters, calls the roll for absentees or votes, reads minutes of previous meeting, reads all papers and documents to the organization, keeps committees informed of their work, and signs all records and is responsible for all papers belonging to the organization. The Secretary can act in the absence of the Party Chairman to appoint a temporary Chairman.

The Nationalist Party elected Matthew Miniham #1023 as Party Chairman, Jackson Fowler #1095 as Party Secretary, and Vladimir Rosien #927 as Party Clerk.

The Federalist Party elected Akilesh Ramakrishno #988 as Party Chairman, Cameron Sexsmith #1064 as Party Secretary, and Brian Palacios Paz as the Party Clerk.

The next State Party Convention is Tuesday, June 26, 1:00 – 3:30 PM.


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