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Friday will be a very hectic day here at SUNY Morrisville. Although many will be happy to see their parents and have to ability to get more sleep, most will be sad to say goodbye to their new friends, as well as say good bye to Boys’ State in general. To make this process as streamlined as possible, here area few quick directions on how departure will work and how to get out of SUNY Morrisville as fast as possible once departure has started.

For Parents who choose to pick their sons up from Boys’ State:

There will be a ceremony here at SUNY Morrisville that all boys will participate in starting at around 2:30 pm. If a parents wishes to attend, they should try and be there by 2 pm as it is a memorable experience. Afterwards at around 3:30 pm, the Final Assembly will take place as the last New York Boys’ State assembly of 2018. After this final assembly, parents driving their sons home must sign out their child and follow instructions that will be given. If desired, parents can stay for a final barbecue where food will be provided for the Boys and parents can eat for a minor fee.

For Boys who are taking a bus home:

Those who are taking a bus will take place in all of Friday’s activities as well as the final barbecue at the end of the day, and should prepare to be at the bus by 6:30 pm for a departure around 7 pm.

The American Legion’s 2018 New York Boys’ State has been one of the best Boys’ States to date. The final ceremonies are truly a sight to see, and parents are encouraged to attend if possible.

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