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Helpful Hints for surviving Boys’ State

The New York Boys’ State program can be challenging for a delegate who comes unprepared. To survive the week here are some helpful hints on what to bring, information to listen to, and tricks.

  1. Bring sunblock ~ So many kids end up forgetting sunscreen or sunblock and end up getting burned, some worse than others.
  2. Bring an umbrella or poncho ~ It does rain up here in Morrisville, and you don’t want to get caught marching in the cold rain. In order to avoid this, bring some kind of rain protection. Whether it be a poncho or even a hoodie, it will be allowed and will keep you dry.
  3. Bring something to do ~ Despite what some people may have told you, you do get some free time. Whether you didn’t get elected to the position you wanted, you’re waiting on laundry, or you just have some free time on your hands bring something to do during that time. Since no electronics are allowed a good book or a deck of cards can help keep you busy at times. Many times during periods of boredom a Boys’ State citizen ends up feeling home sick, so it’s important to keep busy at all times.
  4. Bring snacks/money ~ It’s quite often that kids get very hungry while here. There are plenty of vending machines on Morrisville campus but they’re often over crowded by people. So, it may be best to bring your own snacks for times when you feel hungry.  
  5. Bring Towels ~ The Morrisville State University of New York does provide towels, but they’re rarely large enough to wrap around you and they don’t dry up easily. to improve this, make sure you bring your own towels.

Other items you should bring can be found here

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