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The State Officers of Boys’ State 2018!

After a painstakingly long voting process, the election is over! Here are the elected Boys’ State Officials.

Judge of Court of Appeals: 0502 John W. Fink, 0941 Kyle J. Smith, 0353 Jack M. Byrne, 0396 Jack D. Keane, 0954 Antonio M. Zaccaria, 0157 Trent J. Biscone.


Chief Judge of Court of Appeals: Mark Thomas 0204


State Comptroller: Jacob Camiel 0747


Attorney General: John Lynch 0801


Lieutenant Governor: Joel-Anthoney Bossous 0346


The Boys’ State Governor of 2018 is Patrick Saint Ange 0394


Congratulations to all of this year’s electees!

Another vote was held during the election to decide if we should decrease the New York State tax rate from 6.5% to 6.0% on small businesses with a gross income less than $290K. In a landslide vote, the proposition was passed.

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