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Final Thoughts-Shawn Busch 1077

As Boys State comes to its close, we have much to learn from the experience. The program has taught us much in our lives and had helped us make new friends we would never have made otherwise as well as teach important life lessons. Between being a good team player, showing respect to all, being a leader, and being a unique individual. The marines and counselors deserve our sincerest thanks for being our teachers and shaping us into better people for our future lives. They have helped us learn how our government is set up and how it functions. The added positions of responsibility to our lives have helped us become leaders and for some, brought a heightened interest in our government. As well as government, it has brought interest to the military as well as answered the many questions those already interested in our military have had. Outside of the government and military aspects, it has taught us all how to be better citizens in our great country. We have learned how to work together as a team, how to support others and build them up as young men, and most importantly, to be determined to reach your goals in life.

For many, these last days will be difficult as we are going to leave the place we have called our home this week and our newfound friends, and for some, our new brothers. It’s truly amazing how close a group of people can become just by living together for a week and going through different challenges with each other. As a whole, this has been a great experience for everyone and definitely something that could not be gotten anywhere else but at Boys State. This week started slow but sped up a lot by the end after we had all become closer with one another and started to really enjoy the time here. Boys State will be a unforgettable experience for all that have attended, and we would like to give a final thank you to all the marines, counselors, and all other staff that make this week possible.

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