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Alumni Feedback

Here is some feedback we received from one of our 2018 delegates.  Here is his email to the New York American Legion Boy’s State leadership team
Dear Mr. O’Brien and Mr. Murphy,
My name is David Bruen from Rockland County. I was in Kogutek County and the City of Kearsing.
I just got home last night, and I wanted to thank you both for all the time you have dedicated towards running New York Boys State. The program would not have been as amazing and life changing as it was without your service.
While you may not know who I am, I would like to tell you a little about me and my story. I learned about New York Boys State completely on my own in August of 2017. I had a passion for politics and was eager to have some hands on experience. While doing some searching on YouTube I stumbled upon Boys State for Mississippi, and I soon realized New York had one too. Then I realized there was a Boys Nation, of which only 2 boys per State were selected to attend. I realized the amazing opportunities these Boys had and wanted to have them too. For months I had dreamed of being one of the select few to have the great honor of attending Boys Nation. Before attending Boys State, for months I had done extensive research on the whole process of Boys State and how people were selected to attend. I was certain that I would fight as hard as I could to have that opportunity. I even wrote a speech with the idea to run for Governor before even showing up.
Shortly after discovering Boys State, I contacted a legionnaire that I knew to find out more information. He directed me to my local post and County Commander. Eventually, I had my interview and was told I would be going to Boys State.
While at Boys State I ran for nine positions and lost all but one. I was my city’s State Senator and became Senate Minority Leader. However, I did have the distinct honor of making it into the final stage of the Boys Nation interview process, an idea that I had only dreamed of. While my dream of attending Boys Nation may not have come to fruition, I can genuinely say this has been the greatest week of my life. I am full of hope that this is just one of many great experiences in my life.
Thank you to David for letting us know you enjoyed this year’s session.

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