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First Day of Boys State 2019

Young men arrived yesterday afternoon to Boys State NY and were not surprised as to what had come. Upon entering SUNY Morrisville campus they were given 3 Boys State shirts and then were directed to the county they would be staying at for the week. Once they got to their county their counselor gave them a badge that was either yellow (Nationalist) or blue (Federalist). They were also given the city they’d become apart of.

At about 2:00 PM they met up with their Counselor and Jr Counselor and conducted a brief orientation for everyone. Everyone was told what the counselors expectations are and what they can do to succeed here at Boys State.

Dinner is served at 5:15 PM in Seneca Dining Hall. The food here changes everyday to keep a variety in their diet. At 7:00 PM the men were brought to the the Dedication and Orientation assembly. This orientation covered the basics of Boys State and what they hope you gain from it such as leadership skills. It also offered a variety clubs they can join while they’re here.

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