Current Boys State Posts

What to expect today

Boys state participants will begin the day with physical fitness which starts at 6:00 AM. By 6:45 AM the young men will go to the Dinning hall and “get some chow”.

At 8:15 AM Individual County and City Counselors meet with their marines and at 8:30 AM the County Caucus is to be complete business for State Party Convention. They will also nominate candidates for county elective officers which will be chosen on Sunday the 30th.

At 4:00 PM athletic teams from each county will continue to battle it out to become the best county in the state for basketball, soccer and much more. The teams will be competing all week and only one county will win. At 7:00 PM all Boys State members will meet with their parties to finish up state convention this meeting will continue until all business is complete.

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