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Learning to March at Boy’s State

Soon after arriving at Boys’ State, it becomes evident that the primary mode of transportation is marching. Marching is lead by the respective county’s Marine.

“Left, right, left!”

Boys are told to keep their water bottle in their left hand, like a football.

The boys have been introduced to many commands, but just to name a few:

  • Dress right, Dress
  • To the rear, March
  • About face
  • Left / Right face
  • And of course, they learned parade rest and standing at attention.

Boys are preparing for the Parade Walk-Through, which is after or before lunch on Sunday, June 30th. Additionally, if the weather permits, they will be marching formally on the last day, just before the final assembly.

Special crossing guards are appointed to fall out when crossing a street, and stop oncoming traffic. They wear bright orange vests.

Though some are already blistering, most would agree that marching together creates a sense of unity, and pride. To march together is an exclusive activity, one in which the men and women from our military partake in every day. So although the boys might be sore and aching, some could argue that it is a privilege to learn how to march by a Marine at Boys’ State.

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