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The Boys’ State Experience

Most people are nervous upon arriving at Boys’ State and are unsure of what to expect. They may be afraid of things such as their Marine being too hard on them or that they’ll have no fun while they’re here. Regardless of the reason, there is nothing to be afraid of as long as you follow the rules and try your best. Even though Boys’ State will be an entirely new experience for you, you’ll definitely be able to have fun and make new friends.

While you are here, you learn to participate hands on in government. There are many opportunities to take leadership roles when you put yourself out there and run for different offices or duties. This is a great learning experience to better understand how our government operates and if you enjoy public speaking and winning an audience over you will have a lot of success. Boys’ State is run just like it sounds; like a state. A bunch of different counties make up the state and within each county is usually three cities. There are different positions you can either get elected or nominated for within the city, county, or state level. Furthermore, Boys’ State is divided between two parties; the federalists and nationalists. Each party meets and elects their own candidates for different positions. This is really an eye-opener for how democracy works.

The other side of Boys’ State is the physical side. Each county is assigned a Marine for the week that will teach them different skills as well as discipline and respect. Throughout the day, you stay together for the most part with your county and whenever you travel around campus you have to march. Your Marine will teach your county different marching skills and will make sure nobody is slacking off. The Marine is also in charge of pt each morning and will put you through some basic exercises that will get your heart pumping and ready to start the day. As long as you try your best pt is nothing to be afraid of regardless of your physical skill set. If you don’t enjoy the twenty minutes of pt each morning, you definitely want to be sure your room is neat and your bed is made first thing in the morning cause if it’s not, your Marine will definitely make you regret it. You also get to participate in sports at Boys’ State. Within your city, you can make a team for basketball, softball, and soccer. Throughout the week, the different cities play each other to decide a state champion by the end of the week for each sport. If none of these physical activities interest you, you can get out of it by being a member of the band or other clubs that meet during that time.

Boys’ State provides an opportunity for everyone to showcase their skills as well as improve them. By the end of the week, you will be a different person than you were before with a vast knowledge of our country and how democracy works. I encourage everyone who can to attend and make the most of it while you are here.

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