Current Boys State Posts

It’s certainly different

Although things are certainly different this year, the boy’s are still getting the job done.

For those of you not familiar with the program, the Citizens are assigned a notional city, county and political party. To start, at the city level, the parties (Nationalists and Federalists) nominate and elect a city level government (mayors, judges, clerks). Then the Boy’s progress to the same process at the county level. Although the Boy’s won’t be huddled behind a dorm, or gathered on a hill side to execute this process, it is still happening virtually.

We won’t be gathering in physical groups this year, but our gatherings on Zoom and Discord will allow us to continue to work through the political process. It’s not what we are used to, and we hope it’s only for one year, but the lesson learned is that there is always a way for the political process to work as long as there is a way for us to communicate.

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