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What does it look like for the Boys?

I shared some pics from the viewpoint of the counselors yesterday. It’s been a challenge, but the fact that all the counselors are centralized has helped them do their work. For the Boy’s it’s different this year.

Most of the work we are doing this week is done over Zoom. The day starts out each day with an assembly and guest speakers like Scot McNamara.

After the morning assembly the Boy’s are broken into their cities and counties and they do their political business in Zoom rooms. Here is what it looks like from the Boy’s perspective.

The Boy’s have been able to make it work for the most part on this platform.

One other phenomenon of this year’s program is the problem solving and adaptability we’ve seen this year. Because of the limitations of the platform designed for this year the Boy’s (and counselors) had to find parallel platforms to share information and get work done. One of the platforms they have used this year is Discord. Here is what that tool looks like for the Boy’s.

We are all thrilled that New York Boy’s State is being conducted this year and are glad the counselors and Boy’s have adapted and made the process work.

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